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DCSN’s curriculum is the product of teaching experience, methodical observation of children’s educational needs and a thorough consultation by each section’s teachers, therapists and other special educators working at the center. The overall aim is to encourage each student to become an independent learner, well-equipped with the skills necessary to integrate into daily life outside of DCSN.

‘Life Skills’ are a primary focus and integrated into all learning programs and activities. A separate weight is provided within the curriculum to emphasize the significance of life skills within the student’s learning process. Academic, Nursery, Pre-Vocational and Multi-Sensory departments have a specific program that is tailored to meet each student’s needs.

‘Rehabilitation’ through Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy plays a vital role in the success of the curriculum and is essential in helping students overcome mental, physical, social/emotional and behavioral challenges.

Additionally, the curriculum covers other fundamental domains that are central to educating students at DCSN, including: literacy and numeracy, science and themed activities, arts and humanities, work placements, leisure activities, multi-sensory, PE/swimming and computer/IT. Both social and emotional maturity is endorsed as part of the learning experience at the center.

Nursery section

Children learn most of their early concepts through play and ‘trial and error’. Designed to cater for the needs of young children between the ages of four and seven years old, our Nursery section is primarily geared towards play-based learning.

So that we can offer the best possible program, we utilize a multi-sensory approach which uses components from various teaching methods such as Montessori and Conductive Education.

Academic section

The Academic section is a curriculum-based program which responds to the needs of students aged between seven and eighteen years old. We focus on academic learning with emphasis on all developmental skill areas such as self-help, social skills and safety.

Reasoning, problem solving and generalization are the keys to success and this program offers a wide range of opportunities to harness these abilities.

Pre-Vocational section

As our students approach the end of their academic studies at DCSN, they begin pre-vocational training. Students in this section are actively involved in work placements that promote social interaction and work skills, facilitating independence and integration into society.

Involving visits to various organizations within the community, students experience professional settings and have the opportunity to exercise their vocational skills preparing them for life outside of DCSN. Through the placements, our pre-vocational students concentrate on sharpening skills that will prove valuable to them when they look for work, which is critical to achieving their ultimate goal of independence.

DCSN is extremely grateful to the below companies for opening their doors to our Pre-Vocational students.

  • DHL Express
  • Emirates Flight Catering
  • Media One Hotel
  • Jumeirah Emirates Towers
  • Kempinski Hotel
  • National Bank of Dubai
  • Dubai Mall Aquarium
  • BackOffice Managed Solutions
  • Tellurian Book Production
  • The Charity Shop
  • The One
  • Union Co-operative Society
  • Emaar
  • Tanfeeth

Multi Sensory section

Designed with the needs of children with severe physical and cognitive challenges in mind, the program is primarily management-based. Offering structured interventions to stimulate visual, auditory and tactile senses, the syllabus maintains and improves gross and fine motor skills. Through the repetition of exercises the goal is to increase the student’s participation in self-help skills.

Sensory skills provide feedback from the senses to the brain so that a child can interact with his or her environment successfully. These skills involve seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, balancing and body awareness. A student hearing a friend call their name, feeling cold water in a pool, smelling fresh cut grass, swinging on a swing (balance) and walking without looking at their feet (body awareness) are examples of sensory skills at work on a daily basis.

Building their sensory skills, students benefit from specially designed instruction that caters to their need for stimulation. The focus is the same as for students in other sections, which is to become as independent as possible.

Our Methodology

Self-Help Skills

From making their own snack to tidying up their surroundings (and everything in between) students are encouraged to become as independent as possible.

Cognitive Development

These skills are nurtured through a range of academic and classroom activities.

Creative Arts

Different forms of creative art programs at DCSN promote self-concept, confidence, creativity and independent thinking. Currently we offer regular art classes, wood-working, pottery-making and music lessons.

Physical Activities

To promote physical fitness and teamwork students participate in gym classes, competitions, swimming, horse riding, sailing and ice-skating.

Educational Field Trips

Students gain valuable knowledge about a variety of topics as well as lessons in social interaction skills through real life experiences.

Music / Play-Acting / Concerts

These activities promote speech and language development, while building students’ confidence. DCSN host’s an annual concert open to the community to showcase our students’ many talents.

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